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Fake Target Account Trolls Awful Facebook Responses to Target's New Gender Policy

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When Target announced a week ago that the company would be phasing out gender-based signage on kids toys and bedding, the initial response was pretty positive. But then, as the news spread across America, it became clear that some customers weren't having any of this change and they took to social media to let it be known that this was a terrible move for Target.

One man saw a glowing opportunity in the midst of the irate Facebook commenters. According to Adweek, Mike Melgaard created a fake Target Facebook account under the handle "Ask ForHelp" and begin answering the deluge of angry responses with extremely blunt, extremely hilarious responses. "Honestly, it was like striking comedy gold," Melgaard told Adweek. "Every one of these people gave me the ammunition I needed for a great response." Target told Adweek that it was in no way affiliated with Melgaard and didn't condone his actions.

The account was live for 16 hours before Facebook shut it down, but thankfully, Adweek captured a roundup of the best of Melgaard's responses: