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Crucial Update

Jennifer Aniston Fan Site Duped the Internet With Fake Wedding Dress

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Jennifer Aniston married fiancé of three years Justin Theroux the first week of August, and fans are desperate for even the smallest details—and of course the big ones, like the dress. Many sites reported that the actress tied the knot in a "cream, strapless" gown, until a very sly Facebook page that goes by the name "Jennifer Aniston" posted a photo of a tall women wearing a white dress that was certainly not strapless. The unofficial page captioned the photo, "You have my whole heart for my whole life. #WeddingDress." Believing that they found a picture of Aniston in her dreamy, white gown, there were plenty of reposts and cross-platform "OMG"-ing.

Buzzfeed, however, came to the conclusion that no, this is not a photo of Jennifer Aniston on her wedding day. They even found the £125 dress on Pinterest, and on the designer's website. The wait continues.

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