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Crucial Update

Jeremy Scott Gave MTV's Moonman a Rainbow Makeover

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Those who win big at this year's VMAs won't just be winning any old moonman, they'll be going home with an award designed by Jeremy Scott. MTV tapped the man behind Moschino's funkiest designs to give the typically silver figure a multicolored makeover. The music channel explained the moonman's new rainbow look:

From the distinct color of the TV color bars to the peace sign necklace to Jeremy's signature sneakers, the redesign of statue is part of MTV's long-standing history of bridging the gap between the world of fashion and music.

Scott very proudly displayed his work all over his Instagram page, noting that he wouldn't dare pass up the opportunity to give him "my iconic wings." There's no doubt Miley had something to do with this, as the show's host and the designer's celebrity pet.

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