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Crucial Update

Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik Throw Down on Twitter Over Taylor Swift Shade

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Getty Images

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The latest celebrity Twitter fight of summer '15 started when Zayn Malik retweeted a statement sent out by @FemaleTexts. It compared Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus's comments on the availability of their music and making money in the industry. While Swift expressed her well-known position in the screenshot statement, Miley Cyrus took an apparently more "selfless" approach. The former One Direction member was clearly siding with Cyrus.

Defending his girl against Zayn's retweet, Calvin Harris began his Twitter rant, cursing in a very non-Taylor-approved manner:

The DJ's comments weren't safe from Zayn Malik, who clearly doesn't GAF in his post-One Direction world and even takes a low shot at Calvin's often overlooked transformation:

The Teen Choice Awards could have used this kind of excitement.

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