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Jessica Alba Is Launching an 83-Piece Honest Beauty Line Next Month

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Jessica Alba's billion-dollar Honest empire is expanding into the beauty market. According to WWD, Honest Beauty is launching September 9th with its own logo and website, meant to set itself apart and reach further than the Honest Company's original mom-friendly demographic. (Here's hoping it gets better customer reviews than the brand's sunscreen.)

The new category will include a full range of 66 cosmetic products and 17 skincare products. "There's no hero product; we tried to offer anything you could ever need," Alba tells WWD. "If women like one product, they're likely to try more. I will always try something that a girlfriend tells me she loves, way more than watching a commercial about it." The skincare products range from $8 to $40 and the makeup ranges from $15 to $30.

There's a 50-person team dedicated to rolling out and maintaining Honest Beauty, and the company already plans to start a brick-and-mortar presence on Sept. 25th with a six-month pop-up shop in Los Angeles. "Beauty was always part of the plan," Alba says. "It was just a matter of when, how and being able to execute it properly. I didn't want to do this half-ass."