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Crucial Update

How to Talk with Co-Workers, the Zoolander 2 Trailer Edition

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In the interest of making Monday morning discussions with co-workers as easy as possible, the people behind Zoolander, the world's most universally beloved movie about fashion, have finally released a teaser trailer for the sequel. Here's how to use it to your professional advantage tomorrow...

Co-Worker: Hey (your name)! How was your weekend...totally sucks to be back at work, huh?

You (pre-coffee, post beach weekend): Work, woof. But the new trailer for the Zoolander 2 movie came out and it's hilarious.

Co-Worker: No way! God that movie was so funny, with the faces and the modeling. Like, "Blue Iron" (cue laughter and pursed lips) and all that....Too good.

You: Yep! Well, got to get to work, but good chat.

DAIYE #66 CREW PHOTO #ZOOLANDER2 #ROMA #CREWSTEEL 2 more days... Going to miss this place!

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