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New York Fashion Week Now Has an Official Headquarters

Photo: Driely S.

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Earlier this month, IMG, the owner and operator of the official NYFW venue, unveiled a new logo along with promises that this year's event will be far less commercialized than previous years. Now reports that IMG will also launch NYFW HQ, which will serve as the official headquarters for New York Fashion Week. The space, which is adjacent to Milk Studios, will feature art installations and talk series. Some events at the headquarters will be invite-only or only open to those with IMG’s NYFW credentials, but others will be open to public. IMG also plans on live-streaming and rebroadcasting runway shows from its windows so that people can gather on the sidewalk to watch.

"Typically these sorts of events are happening around us, but no one has really corralled everything into one hub and had a broader, overarching conversation about what’s happening in fashion," IMG’s Leslie Russo told

Introducing #NYFW's HQ (via @VogueMagazine):

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