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Presidential Candidate Scott Walker Can't Stop Talking About Kohl's

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Scott Walker is one of those people who can't stop talking about how much they saved with Kohl's Cash. ABC News reports that the Wisconsin governor and Republican presidential candidate is so into Kohl's that it's become a major component of his stump speeches. ABC News reporter Jordyn Phelps writes: "Walker brings up the topic of Kohl’s with such frequency that it’s almost as if he’s become a living, breathing advertisement for the Wisconsin-based bargain retailer."

He's even based his economic policy around the Wisconsin-based discount department store, renaming the Reaganomics-era Laffer Curve the "Kohl's Curve." It has to do with comparing Kohl's volume of sales to lower tax rates, and economists aren't quite on board with Walker's analogy.

Meanwhile, the candidate's Kohl's shopping triumphs include buying a sweater for $1, tweeting about wearing his 70% off tie on Fox & Friends, and alway, always using coupons at the register. "Next thing you know, they're paying me to buy the shirt," he said. "Well, not really, but it seems like it, right?" ABC News created a minute-long supercut so you can hear all of Walker's Kohl's talk: