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Pro Hockey Player Just Now Realizing How Bizarre His Vogue Internship Was

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Back in 2008, New York Rangers star Sean Avery took on a summer internship at Vogue, where he helped out on photo shoots, ate in the Condé Nast cafeteria, and griped to the press about having to do the assigned intern grunt work. Now Avery is realizing how weird that whole episode actually was. He's currently a home designer and according to Page Six, he told My Town magazine: "I can’t believe they haven’t made a TV show or movie out of me yet! It would make The Devil Wears Prada look like a joke." Maybe Avery should see how that Anne Hathaway/Robert de Niro The Intern movie does before he starts pitching this idea.

Avery elaborated on what it was like to be a millionaire fashion intern:

I was a star athlete who probably made 40 times as much as the people who were asking me to get them coffee. I don’t think anybody really understands how bizarre that was.