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SoulCycle Sued Over Classes Expiring Way Too Soon

Photo: Racked LA

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Business Insider reports that SoulCycle is getting sued—right before it goes public—by customers claiming that the one-class certificates expire way too fast to use in a reasonable amount of time. "SoulCycle's deliberate use of expiration dates harms and deceives customers throughout the United States," Daniel Hipskind, one of the lawyers backing the suit, said in a press release. "SoulCycle's expiration dates rob customers of their money, creating illegal profits for SoulCycle."

The one-class certificate costs $30 and expires after 30 days, while the next level up, the 5-class certificate, costs $145 and expires in 45 days. "We believe thousands of people across America have been unable to use the certificates SoulCycle forces customers to purchase based on unlawful and unreasonable expiration dates," Hipskind says. "Customers have lost hundreds or even thousands of dollars because of SoulCycle's illegal acts."