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Botox Shots Are Now Being Used to Prolong Blowouts

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Add this to the growing list of uncomfortable beauty trends of the year: the "blowtox" is on the rise. According to Fast Company, women who have invested time and money into a good blowout and don't want to ruin their hair via a sweaty workout have found a workaround that involves getting Botox shots to the scalp. The procedure, nicknamed the "blowtox," requires a couple dozen shots of Botox that stop up sweat glands for three to nine months, making blowouts last a little bit longer each week. "It's common for SoulCycle people," Dr. Patricia Wexler told Fast Company. "SoulCycle is infamous for killing the hair."

The procedure costs $1,500 but, as Fast Company points out, if the shots save a person from paying for two extra blowouts per week (at $40 per visit) that's saving $2,880 over nine months. However, the savings would really only show up for a person who already gets 2-3 blowouts every week, and realistically, people who are getting 2-3 blowouts per week are probably not counting their pennies. The clearer justification comes in professional settings, where studies have shown that women have won and lost promotions, raises, and the respect of their co-workers based solely on their appearances.