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Walmart's Holiday Season Shopping Starts Today, August 28th

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This year, Walmart is pushing up its holiday layaway program up by two weeks, Reuters reports, and today is the first day shoppers can start paying for their holiday gifts in installments. That means the holiday season at Walmart starts August 28th. Before Labor Day, apparently.

Besides a two-week earlier start date than last year, Walmart is expanding its holiday layaway program even more for the 2015 holiday season. The product selection is larger than last year, with 40,000 items available under the payment plan. Walmart is also lowering the barrier of how much items need to cost to be eligible for layaway. The minimum shopping total for layaway is $50 and eligible items need to cost at least $10.

"In the five years we've been offering this holiday layaway program we've discovered that customers use it for a whole host of reasons, from being able to better budget their money and avoiding credit card fees," Walmart's vice president of toys Anne Marie Kehoe told Reuters.