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Crucial Update

Kim Kardashian Reposts Morning Sickness Drug Ad to FDA's Liking

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Once upon a time, Kim Kardashian Instagrammed an advertisement for her "favorite" cure for morning sickness, #Diclegis. She shared her remedy, captioning her post, "OMG. Have you heard about this?" As soon as the FDA heard about it, though, the post was no longer, as the reality star did not warn followers about the side effects, breaking medicine advertising laws. Kim has finally reposted the advertisement with the proper warnings, beginning her lengthy caption with, "I guess you saw the attention my last #morningsickness post received." The soon-to-be mother of two skillfully tucked her repost away while most celebs and fans were busy keeping up with the VMA craziness. If anyone knows good vs. bad Instagram timing, it's Kim.