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Rag & Bone Destroyed a Classic Porsche and Car Lovers Are Not Having It

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Photo: Rag & Bone/Facebook

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Rag & Bone smashed a classic black 1979 Porsche 911 SC to pieces for its surreal Fall 2015 campaign, and the resulting video and imagery is incredibly painful for car lovers. Bustle reports that the ads captured by Glen Luchford and art directed by Peter Miles are stirring up anger online. Here's a selection of comments across social media that range from heartbroken to malicious:

From Facebook: "And somewhere else in the world someone destroys your dream car... because they can."

From Instagram: "Ha clearly not a single car enthusiast in the company. A car with a following like the 911 is not one to mess with!"

From YouTube: "I emailed Porsche to tell them about this atrocious homicide. I am also reporting this video."

From Instagram: "You ruined a great car for the sake of some stupid clothes. I hope your company goes under."

From Instagram: "Vulgar waste of a classic artistic automobile. I wish nothing but despair and failure for @rag_bone !"

That's just a small selection of the printable comments. The main campaign video on YouTube currently has over 6,000 dislikes and only 77 likes.

The automotive press is joining in on flaming Rag & Bone too. Road & Track took the brand to task in a post called, "Rag & Bone Destroyed a Classic Porsche 911 for No Reason Whatsoever." Travis Okulski writes, "Wonder how rag & bone would react if Porsche sent Maria Sharapova to film herself taking rag & bone's clothes and then cutting them with a scissor or lighting them on fire... Next time, use a PT Cruiser. Nobody will be upset about that."