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Mad Men Fans Down to Pay $2,400 for Don Draper's Social Security Card

Photo: Mad Men/Facebook

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Screenbid is just about to wrap a huge auction filled with over 1,000 pieces of Mad Men memorabilia, and what used to be tame—some may even say cheap—prices for a piece of the Mad Men set has since skyrocketed into an absurd price range. Everything that has Don Draper's name on it has gone through the roof: his social security card is currently bidding at $2,400, his fedora is going for $1,700, and his Levi's denim jacket is priced at $1,300. The other cast members aren't far behind: a pair of Joan Holloway's stilettos that opened at $50 are now fetching $450. The bidding begins to close at 3pm EST today.

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