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GQ Tracks the Rise of the ‘Dandy Wildman’

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GQ is calling it: "the lumbersexual is no more." (Duh.) In its place is a male archetype the magazine is dubbing the "dandy wildman." This seems to be a sort of gradual step away from the lumbersexual look, in that the beard definitely stays but the flannel shirts definitely go. The beard itself is very key to the whole dandy wildman image, which is a whole "different breed of masculine swagger altogether" than the lumbersexual. As GQ puts it:

Think Jake Gyllenhaal, Ewan McGregor, Donald Glover, or basically any guy on Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. All of them are known for sporting a pushed back hair and beard and combine it with a contrastingly sleek, modern wardrobe that says "I don’t give a fuck...but I also kind of give fuck." (Like the lumbersexual wearing steel-toed work boots to an advertising job in midtown Manhattan, the dandy wildman is a flurry of contradictions.)

So how does one transition towards this new look, besides throwing the Red Wing heritage boots back into the closet? Grow your hair out longer, trade pomade for a mix of styling cream and gel and most importantly, trade out that scraggly overgrown beard for a dandier one.