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Brooks Brothers Discontinues Its Line With Thom Browne

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After eight years, Thom Browne is moving on from his Black Fleece label at Brooks Brothers. WWD reports that the Black Fleece Fall 2015 season will be Browne's last and then the label is going on hiatus for at least a year while Brooks Brothers decides whether to continue Black Fleece without Browne.

There's no hard feelings between the designer and Brooks Brothers though. According to the New York Times, Browne is leaving Black Fleece to focus on his own brand. "It lasted so long because it was a very good relationship," Brooks Brothers CEO Claudio Del Vecchio told NYT. "I’m sure Thom would agree with that. I believe we’re closing this on a high end. The fall collection is probably the best collection we ever had in Black Fleece."

Del Vecchio said that Browne, who gained fame for his quirky and dapper shrunken suits, turned out to be such a good fit for Brooks Brothers that what was supposed to be a three-year project kept getting extended. "I don’t think people ever saw the collection as being inappropriate or irresponsible to live within the world of Brooks Brothers," he told the Times. "I think that’s what we’re all most proud of." Meanwhile, Brooks Brother's newest designer hire, Zac Posen, is set to deliver his first women's collection for the brand. It will hit stores in the spring of 2016.