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Men's Fashion Tips From the Founder of Instagram

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Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram, is perhaps one of the few Silicon Valley stalwarts who doesn't feel comfortable bragging about wearing the same hoodie/jean combo every single day. In fact, he told the Wall Street Journal that since the beginning of the year, he's hobnobbed in Paris with Karl Lagerfeld, Nicolas Ghesquire, and top LVMH executives, and Anna Wintour herself helped pick out his outfit for the Met Gala.

In the article, Systrom dispenses some of the fashion wisdom he's picked up along the way:

1. His personal style icons include JFK and Frank Sinatra.

2. His favorite jacket is an unstructured one made by Boglioli. "It almost looks like a sweater," Systrom tells the WSJ. "I can wear it to anything in Silicon Valley and I don't look like a stiff or a banker."

3. He's not a fan of raw denim. "I really love Civilianaire's 10-ounce dark jeans because they're lightweight," he says.

4. His two favorite places to shop are and Wilkes Bashford, a store in San Francisco.

5. His favorite sneakers are Lanvin. "I have big feet and they fit me really well," he explains. "It's hard to find a day where I'm not wearing them."

6. His favorite fashion Instagrammers include Thom Browne and Public School. He also loves @thedressedchest for constant outfit inspo.