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Crucial Update

Miley Cyrus Tells Marie Claire She Prefers Boobs to Bad Blood

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Good vibe emissary, Miley Cyrus spoke with Marie Claire about pop culture role models and her personal mission to spread hippie love and probably some nude pictures with the universe.

@marieclairemag covvvvaaaaa! Talkin bout @happyhippiefdn

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On being a role model: "I don't get the whole violence revenge thing. That's supposed to be a good example? And I'm a bad role model because I'm running around with my titties out. I'm not sure how titties are worse than guns."

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On putting herself out there: "There's nothing left you can catch me doing. "You want to hack my email so you can find my nude pictures. I'll just put them up."

Miley Cyrus—saving the world one exposed titty and nude picture at a time.