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Crucial Update

Anna Wintour's Unofficial Guide to Having a Life Outside of Fashion Week

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

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Here's Anna Wintour's unofficial guide to looking like you have something more important than fashion week or just something involving Roger Federer to do.

  • Show up early to assume front row seat, as she did for this morning's Public School show.
  • Cross arms at a 90-degree angle as if to say, "I really have somewhere else to be."
  • Look bored, but not too bored.
  • Dress in plain colors so that when the opportunity arises you can escape to a black vehicle idling outside.
  • Change into a bright blue cardigan and ear to ear grin.

As for what happens when you've done this correctly? Looks like it involves a U.S. Open seat next to fellow fashion week escapee, David Beckham.