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Crucial Update

Naomi Campbell's #FreeTheNipple Instagram Lives On, Improbably

Photo: Chris Weeks/Getty Images
Photo: Chris Weeks/Getty Images

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Naomi Campbell is taking her chances promoting her book. The supermodel and vampire provided a sneak peek of her two-volume Taschen book in Garage Magazine, selecting a topless image for the app that loves nipples the most, Instagram. The magazine also shared the photo, but with emojis creatively covering the forbidden body part.

The social media platform's community guidelines state that nipples in photos of "post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding are allowed." Naomi's photo, which presents neither, probably won't be up for long. That is, unless Instagram decides to overlook it's nipple ban like it did for Chrissy Teigen almost a year ago. It is unlikely, as Campbell captioned the black and white photo, taken by Mert and Marcus, with #freethenipple, a hashtag that the platform's monitors must frequent. Instagram's community guidelines also give a shoutout to "nude images" that are "artistic or creative in nature," but still deems them inappropriate.

Update: After 20 hours, Naomi Campbell's topless post was removed by Instagram.