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Crucial Update

Things Possibly Sitting on Kendall Jenner's Head

Photo: <a href=“”>@KendallJenner/Instagram</a>
Photo: @KendallJenner/Instagram

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Kendall Jenner revealed her latest Vogue Japan cover. It's the November issue — yes, the month after next month just couldn't wait. This isn't Kendall's first time covering this particular Vogue edition, as the supermodel posed on Vogue Japan's Fashion Gang issue a few months ago. She sat alongside brother-in-law Kanye West and Riccardo Tisci.

For the magazine, Kendall wears a gold sequin cocktail dress, which you barely even see thanks to an unusually large, furry cap dominating the frame. If Vogue Japan was on a mission to catch eyes at the newsstand, they succeeded, thanks to the large, potentially living creature atop Kendall’s head. The hat, could also double as one of the following:

1. A moose

2. An aerial shot two-hundred field mice attending a party

3. North West's fur coat

4. Rowlf from The Muppets

5. An Ewok

6. Grumpy Cat from behind

7. A giant's fake mustache

8. Russian Donald Trump’s toupee

9. This dog:

Photo: <a href=“”></a>