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Crucial Update

The Internet Won’t Stop Asking Miley Cyrus ‘What’s Good?’

Michael Tran/Getty Images

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One of the VMAs most shocking moments came when Nicki Minaj called out Miley Cyrus during her acceptance speech for the Best Hip Hop Video award. Nicki was confronting Miley for criticizing her reaction to not being nominated in the Best Video of the Year category — and she definitely wasn't ready for the confrontation. Nicki ended by aggressively asking Miley "What's good?"

Now, people are taking to social media to bombard Miley's Instagram account with the memorable one-liner. A quick scroll through Twitter and her Instagram shows hundreds of user comments questioning the singer, "What's good?" Tumblr's also in on the fun.

Sorry Miley, but it doesn't look like the Internet is going to let you forget about that uncomfortable encounter anytime soon. See the insult in action here.