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Crucial Update

Nothing Gets Between Justin Bieber and His Calvins, Not Even Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland

Photo: Jerome Favre/Getty Images
Photo: Jerome Favre/Getty Images

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Justin Bieber has taken his support of Calvin Klein to the next level. On a trip to Iceland, the singer Instagrammed a photo of himself high-fiving a mysterious figure after taking a dip in the glaciers.

The scene is very picturesque and highly Instagrammable, except for the fact that Bieber forgot to pack his swimsuit. He most likely had no choice other than to tread water in nothing but a pair of wet Calvins and a few strands of his "win back America" hair.

According to the Iceland Review, Justin is pictured in Fjaðrárgljúfur, South Iceland, where today's low temperature is thirty-seven degrees Fahrenheit. As for the high-five, we can only assume it is part of a bet that Justin lost, forcing him to Instagram himself in a pair of clingy tighty-whities. For all of the concerned mothers of Beliebers, fretting that poor Justin will catch a cold, rest assured that the temperature inside the water is as soothing as a jacuzzi.

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