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Would You Uber an Online Shopping Purchase?

Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

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Uber's about to make a huge play for the e-commerce delivery business, Re/code reports. The transportation app is set to roll out its services as an express delivery option and it's partnering with big retailers, including luxury fashion brands. Re/code's sources say that Uber's expected to announce the partnership in the next month or so, and the e-commerce program will start in New York and San Francisco.

To get products delivered same-day via Uber, shoppers would just check a box on the retailer's website for that option. Retailers might charge customers for Uber's delivery fee, or choose to make it free, particularly for pricey items.

Re/code didn't have any information yet on particular brand names that would be involved. Uber is also reportedly in talks with websites like Shopify to partner up in order to allow Shopify's brick-and-mortar merchants get in on Uber rush delivery.