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Crucial Update

Rihanna and Drake’s New Song Is the Trop House Banger of Your Soulcycle Dreams

Lester Cohen/Getty Images

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After months of delays, confusing rumors, and weirdest of all, those cryptic Samsung ads disguised as album teasers, it would be only sensible to assume Rihanna's long-anticipated album, ANTI, was all just a collective dream we shared. But at exactly 8 a.m. this morning, Rihanna proved that yes, ANTI is real and ANTI is coming.

The first single off the new album is called "Work," and it's a tropical house banger that also features Drake. All in all, it's a perfect recipe for the Song of Sum — oh wait. Would it settle for the title of "Song of Mid-to-Late Winter"? Either way, you'll be hearing it at clubs, parties, SoulCycle for the next six months, or at least until the full album drops (which Billboard reports will be sometime this week!). Put on your $9,000 Dolce & Gabbana headphones and listen to it here.

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