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Zayn's First Single Features Lots of Gigi Hadid Makeout Seshes


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It's been almost a year since Zayn Malik went another direction, and in the ten months since, he's promised the world a solo career that would be uncensored, "raw," and even "dirty." At midnight, he released both the single and the music video for "Pillowtalk," and it's all of those things, as well as another very important thing: a vehicle for filmed makeout seshes with his girlfriend — sorry, "good friend" — Gigi Hadid.

But even makeouts aside, the video has everything a maturing One Direction fan could ask for: shirtlessness! A reminder of how talented Zayn is! The F-word! Flowers as metaphors for female sex organs! Blood artily dripping from both Zayn and Gigi's eyes!

And yes, Gigi has seen it:

Watch the video below.