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Crucial Update

Justin Bieber Gets Cornrows, Immediately Apologizes


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Horrible news: Justin Bieber debuted cornrows today. Don't worry, though; he's getting rid of them soon. He's also very, very sorry (cue trop house beat drop).

Earlier this afternoon during his family vacation to Anguilla, Bieber posted a photo of himself, Hailey Baldwin, another woman, and some very, very blonde cornrows. In the photo, Hailey, like the rest of the world, is staring at them with a somewhat bewildered expression.

Bieber, however, swears it's all her fault. "Hailey made me get corn rows like an absolute douche bag," he captioned the Instagram, adding "these will be off tomorrow trust me Danny [sic]." The latter phrase a reference to a Makonnen song of the same nameTurns out, the rule still stands: When Justin Bieber changes his hair, the rest of the world suffers.

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