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Crucial Update

Kim Kardashian May Finally Get Snapchat Thanks to DJ Khaled

Lester Cohen/Getty Images

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Glorious news: Kim, queen of the Kardasho-Jenners, may finally be joining the most important social media platform, if only because it's the one DJ Khaled spends the most time on. As one in a series of many, many inspirational lectures yesterday, Khaled may have confirmed that a Kim Kardashian Snapchat account is nigh.

"Ayo Kim, they don't want you to wear the Saint Laurent fur," he begins, using his now- canonical phrase. "They don't want you to break the app store. They don't want you to be the biggest boss in the game. So what we gon' do is we gon' win more." Naturally, the accompanying text also included the "key" emoji, which has come to be synonymous with Khaled himself, as well as the mysterious words "Kim Snapchat come soon."

What's more, Kim herself later posted a screenshot from the video with the caption, "Should I? #SNAPCHAT." If DJ Khaled has taught you anything, Kim, it's to embrace your inner "li-ON," because they don't want you to have Snapchat. But what are you gonna do? You're gonna get a Snapchat.

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