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Nordstrom Brings Cult Danish Furniture Brand to Stores

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Cult Danish furniture and home goods brand Hay is temporarily joining Nordstrom in the form of a pop-in. The Hay Mini Market is bringing a special collection of its quirky wares to six different Nordstrom locations in the states as well as an online shop with fun GIFs that show off the products in motion.

GIFs or not, Hay's swath of home goods will bring a ton of fun to your home, office, nook, or cranny. There are ordinary items, like chip clips, scissors, pencil sharpeners, and nail clippers, in dazzling gold; pens festooned with feathers; brightly colored pens; marble cutting boards; and wooden hands. And even if you're not in the mood to blow $60 on a marble box, there's a number of smaller items to walk away with, like cutesy playing cards ($11), mesh pouches ($6), and a "jumping jack" toy ($6).

The Hay Mini Market is currently set-up at Nordstrom locations in Washington, Texas, Virginia, Canada, Illinois, and California. You can also shop the selection online.