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But Guess What Neil deGrasse Tyson Wore to Fashion Week

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

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A question that comes up all the time at brunches and other designated settings for hysterical, high/low-brow banter is what would Neil deGrasse Tyson wear to New York Fashion Week, lol? Neil deGrasse Tyson, for the uninitiated, is an astrophysicist, the popular face of science, and the enemy number one of B.o.B. apologists.

Now there's an answer to this space and time conundrum. He wears a grey suit with a tie, which is a pretty typical look for him.

To be completely transparent here, Tyson was at a movie premiere that occurred two days before fashion week officially started. Still, the movie is Zoolander No.2, a send-up of the fashion industry itself, so most actor's outfits at least winked at style. There was a fake, real runway show. There were models. There was Alexander Wang. And yet, Tyson dressed like Tyson. He didn't even wear one of those fun science waistcoats.

As a consolation prize for not seeing a science man makeover, here's a clip from the premiere's red carpet where Neil wonders if Ben Stiller got him mixed up with model hunk Tyson Beckford because that's what jokes are!!