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Canada Goose Coat Crime Wave Hits Boston University

Photo: Richard Lautens/Getty Images

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Watch out world, Canada Goose coat thefts are on the rise — especially in Massachusetts, apparently. Boston University's school police department recently advised students to watch carefully over their trendy, expensive down jackets, or else risk losing them.

"A Canada Goose jacket is probably twice as valuable as an iPhone," Peter DiDomenica, BUPD detective lieutenant, told BU Today, a university-run news site. "But many people who own them aren't considering them to be valuable property."

The report notes that there's been 14 clothing-related thefts at the university since September and the majority of the items stolen were Canada Goose coats, which hold a resale value of up to $1,300.

"We are trying to get the message out about being careful not to leave your jackets unattended, since they are looked at as desirable by thieves because of their value," DiDomenica told BU Today. "Lock them up instead of hanging them on a coat rack. That's an immediate solution."