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Ashley Olsen Chilled on the Floor During Her Own Fashion Show

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

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It's generally customary for designers to remain behind the scenes during their Fashion Week presentations, save for a quick bow at the finale, of course. But at The Row's fall 2016 show, cofounder Ashley Olsen contributed to the somewhat absurdist mise-en-scène by curling up directly on the floor.

The reasoning for her choice of seating could have been because the furniture inside the brand's West Village offices was actually on display, should a potential buyer be interested:

This may not have even been the most bizarre phenomenon of the morning, however. As one attendee noted, the twins served "puréed salad" for its guests.

Let whatever was once known as "green juice" henceforth be known by the far more superior title "puréed salad."