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Crucial Update

Whoopi Goldberg’s Sensible, Cat-Themed Footwear Sat Front Row at Fashion Week

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Photo: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

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Today, Whoopi Goldberg was a beacon of light in a dark and cold fashion week thanks to a pair of clogs bedazzled with cat illustrations. The shoes shone through the inclement weather and slog of yet another day of shows (two more to go!). Goldberg sat front row at Gypsy Sport wearing some sort of patterned footwear of the comfy mom shoe ilk. A Dansko, maybe. Perhaps a Croc. It's definitely waterproof, whatever it is. There's much elegance happening in the streets of New York right now, but sometimes bright, ugly shoes with cat illustrations all over them can keep us grounded, connect us to who we were before all this glamour.

Photo: Getty Images/Mireya Acierto