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Zoe Kravitz Has Perfected the Art of the NYFW Uniform

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The problem of what to wear to a show at New York Fashion Week can be tricky and is one without a single solution. But for Zoe Kravitz, it's a question with a clear answer: Just dress as cool as Zoe Kravitz.

Fur sleeves. Sports bras. Cropped wide-leg trousers. Sleeveless coats. A sleeveless robe underneath a sleeveless coat. These are the tentpoles of the guide on dressing like Zoe Kravitz during NYFW, which she's demonstrated while attending shows from Calvin Klein to Wang, both Vera and Alexander.

Though today marks the last day of the biannual event, keep Kravitz's voice in your head the next time your coolest friend asks you to go to a party with her.