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Kate Middleton Shopped at Lululemon Like It Was No Big Deal

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Karwai Tang/Getty Images

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It's a big deal whenever Kate Middleton wears, well, anything, but it's an even bigger deal when the Duchess of Cambridge wears something that doesn't involve a fascinator or her usual long wool coat in various shades of of pastel. But over the weekend, Kate Middleton not only walked into fancy yoga store of the people Lululemon, but did so while wearing actual leggings.

According to the Daily Mail, she wore an Alice and Temperley vest and turtleneck, Asics running shoes, a Tod's 'Bauletto' handbag, and perhaps most shocking of all, leggings of an as-yet-unclear brand.

Princesses, they're just like us: only wearing pants with an elastic waistband on the weekends.