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Justin Bieber Poses Nude But for Fedora

Photo: Clash/Facebook

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The 100th issue of Clash Magazine is a big-ass deal because it got Justin Bieber to pose butt-naked on the cover but for a fedora.

The combination of nakedness + fedora + picturesque scene by a body of water speaks to the very clear fact that Bieber is simultaneously shooting a cover for his upcoming pick-up artist manual.

The magazine will certainly satiate the hordes of Beliebers who didn't get enough from the backside picture the pop star posted in the summer. Or his almost-naked Calvin Klein ads and their reappearance in Bieber's video for "I'll Show You."

As noted around the Racked office, the cover was a huge missed opportunity to combine a naked Bieber with the fedora. Sure, the top of the head was the obvious route, but you would have really thought they could have had the hat covering his... Bieber.

You can pre-order the 100th issue of Clash, which releases on Friday, here. The magazine promises to have an in-depth interview with the Biebs that gets into "his relationship with God to the difficulty of forming new friendships," according to Clash.