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Kanye West’s Latest Big Idea: In-Season Clothes

Photo: Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

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Kanye West's been saying for so long that he's going to get prices down for his Adidas collection and he's going to make his Yeezys more widely available (they're nearly impossible to buy right now).

Now he's promising to give out his sneakers for free, as part of today's 40-tweets-long-and-counting tweetstorm:

Please let this be true, and don't delete this tweet later, Kanye.

Update: Now Kanye wants to steal Balenciaga’s designer:

So Demna Gvasalia is going to work alongside Kanye for Adidas? Or is this planning ahead for when Kanye is creative director at Hermès? Or the Gap? Or maybe it's something to do with the White House run.

Anyway, relax, Kanye. Gvasalia literally just got there.

Update: Kanye’s next bright idea is… in-season clothing. Sounds familiar.