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Crucial Update

Rihanna and Drake’s First Live Performance of ‘Work,’ in Gifs

Brian Rasic/Getty Images

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The Brit Awards were always going to be one giant vehicle for Rihanna's first time performing her new single, "Work." But nothing could have prepared audiences for what followed, which combined an insane lighting spectacle, twerking, and a surprise appearance from, who else, Drake.

Below, the very best moments from said performance, in helpful gif form, starting with when the first few bars of "Work" came on:

Then when the set flipped from a Tron-like grid to trippy black-and-white bars:

When the whole world realized they must immediately go purchase a pair of fringed pants:

When Drake showed up and the crowd freaked out:

When Rihanna couldn't help but let out an adorable giggle over the whole thing:

When Drake literally hopped across the stage so that Rihanna could whine on him:

And oh, did she whine:

And finally, perhaps best of all, was when Drake bowed to his queen:

Judging from Rihanna and Drake's history, we expected nothing less.