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Watch Gigi Hadid Perform ‘Larger Than Life’ with the Backstreet Boys


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Few cultural phenomena are as inherently absurd as the success of Spike TV's game show Lip Sync Battle, which has brought the world countless nuggets of entertainment, from Channing Tatum twirling in an Elsa costume to co-host Chrissy Teigen's amazing facial expressions. Now officially on that list: Gigi Hadid performing Y2K anthem, "Larger Than Life."

While her battler, Tyler Posey (for olds: he's a character on MTV's remake of Teen Wolf) did a realistic interpretation of the iconic "Take On Me" music video, Gigi Hadid won over the audiences with a special appearances from not one, but two Backstreet Boys, a black latex catsuit, and also by being Gigi Hadid.

Watch both performances below.