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Oscars 2016: In Honor of Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Win, Here's His Face Every Time He Didn't

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In a surprise to no one, Leo DiCaprio won the Oscar for his role in Alejandro Inarritu's storied film, The Revenant. This is all wonderful news for the four-time Oscar nominee and now-winner, who, once again, was forced to sit through four entire Academy Awards ceremonies without having won an award.

So in honor of the occasion, here's a look back at all the times Leo almost won an Oscar, but didn't:

Year: 1994. Film: What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Lost to: Tommy Lee Jones

Year: 2005. Film: The Aviator. Lost to: Jamie Foxx

Year: 2007. Film: Blood Diamond. Lost to: Forest Whitaker

Year: 2014. Film: The Wolf of Wall Street. Lost to: Matthew McConaughey