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Crucial Update

Oscars 2016: Lady Gaga Brought Down the House With Moving Performance

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At last night's Oscars, Lady Gaga performed "Til It Happens to You," a song she co-wrote with Diane Warren for the documentary The Hunting Ground. The film addresses campus rape in the United States, and the video for the song can be found here (trigger warning: dramatic recreations of sexual assault included).

Survivors of campus rape joined Gaga on stage with positive inscriptions on their forearms. The performance received a standing ovation and not a few tears, but she later lost Best Original Song to Sam Smith for Spectre's "Writings on the Wall."

Vice President Joe Biden introduced Gaga with a message about campus rape prevention, calling on the audience to sign up for He asked of the crowd that they (we) pledge, "I will intervene in situations where consent cannot or has not been given."

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