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Crucial Update

A Thorough Examination of Drake’s Bed Bath & Beyond Haul

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

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Today in "Hey, what's Drake doing?": Drake is shopping for home necessities at Bed Bath & Beyond.

You might assume he was looking to spruce up his giant pool — which, if "Summer Sixteen" is to be believed, is bigger than Kanye's (thought not necessarily better) — you'd dbe wrong. Instead, it appears he's improving his bedroom.

Via a zoomed-in screenshot of this Instagram, here is a list of products Drake just purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond:

One Brookstone® BioSense™ Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Twin $249.99 - California King $429.99)

One king-size comforter set that may be either the Nautica® Shelford Reversible Comforter Set ($199.99) or the slightly more expensive KAS ROOM Logan Comforter in Grey/Yellow ($219.99)

An assortment of at least two pillows (~$40)

Another bag full of other things (feel free to speculate wildly re: cost)

Bonus, non-BB&B fare: What appears to be a Tim Hortons-branded coffee to go (~$2)

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This has been "Hey, what's Drake doing?"