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Adidas Launches Academy for Aspiring Designers

Photo: Tobias Schwarz/Getty Images

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Adidas is inviting ambitious designers and fans of the brand to hone their craft and possibly come out the other end with a job.

The German sportswear company is launching a Design Academy that will train those accepted into the program across three different areas: graphic, footwear, and apparel design, Hypebeast reports. Each program will run for a total of two years and commence with a "live creative assessment" in front of a panel of judges constituted by Adidas's own designers.

From the sound of the application, the program will focus on developing relatively new talent. Applicants can only have a maximum of two years experience working through internships and freelance projects.

Enrollees will also participate in a four-week rotation that gives them experience in areas like product marketing and development. There's not much time to apply, though; applications are due March 6th, and the program will kick off June 1st.