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Crucial Update

Harry Styles’ Hawaiian Shirt Will Help You Forget It’s Winter

Fame Flynet

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We're currently in the dregs of winter, which means everything is gray, for the most part dead, and generally altogether miserable. Yes, The Bachelor has been okay this season, but Jubilee left so there's really no point in watching anymore. Sure, some the Oscar-nominated films are still in theaters, but let's be honest, if you haven't bothered to brave the cold and go see them yet, you probably never will.

In short, it's a dark time. But there is hope, and it can be found in Harry Styles' shirt.

While shopping in Beverly Hills, the former One Directioner not only wore the shirt equivalent of a serene Hawaiian beach, but wore it with half of the buttons undone:

Take a moment and gaze upon each palm tree and every rainbow. Let them wash over you like the tranquil waves of the Pacific Ocean. Hear that? It's the faint sound of a margarita machine, dutifully preparing your next drink. Oh look, a dolphin!