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Crucial Update

Lupita Nyong'o Successfully Paired Pink and Purple

Fame Flynet

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After appearing on the Today show yesterday, Lupita Nyong'o successfully paired pink with purple, a feat few can achieve after graduating kindergarten. Though the two colors evoke memories of that drug store aisle made entirely of Lip Smackers, Lupita managed to meld them into a look that can best be described as "'60s It girl on an important business meeting."

Vogue reports that the royal purple dress is Michael Kors, though the matching pumps are SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker. Most importantly, the pastel pink coat is Escada, and through some miracle, it's currently 70% off. Originally $5,495, it can be yours for the still-pretty-steep price of $1,648.50. Leaving all others in your wake with the same expression as the woman on the right, however, is priceless.