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Crucial Update

Beyoncé Debuted New Merchandise That Says "Slay" and "Hot Sauce"

Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images

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By now, Beyoncé fans have everything about her surprise single, "Formation," memorized — the song, the moves, the outfits. But how can they literally wear their approval on their sleeves?

Answer: Beyoncé's camp made a selection of "Formation"-themed merchandise available on the singer's website at the same time that it released the song and video. It was a triple drop.

Among the goods are a sweatshirt that declares, "I swirl on them haters" ($60) and a tote that confirms, "I got hot sauce in my bag" ($25). There's a snapback called the "Picante Dad Hat" ($36) that has "Hot Sauce" printed front and center, as if to suggest exactly what's on the wearer's brain at all times.

At the time of publish, these items are not sold out, and express one or two day delivery is available for about $44. Confusingly, however, each item has a caveat that reads, "This item is a pre-order and we expect items to start shipping in the next two weeks." In short, don't count on giving these pieces as the perfect Valentine's surprise, but do appreciate that Bey is trying to close the gap between hearing a single and wearing a T-shirt with said song's lyrics on it.