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Crucial Update

Damn, Daniel Is Back at It Again in the New Weezer Video

Photo: Weezer/Youtube

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Damn, Daniel turned down a modeling contract and handfuls of marriage proposals, but when the opportunity came along for him to be in a Weezer video, oh boy, best believe the Southern California teen was not going to turn down the opportunity to team up with the iconic pop-punk band.

Damn, Daniel continues his reign as 2016's best meme by appearing in the band's new music video for the song "California Kids." And what a goshdarn coincidence that Daniel and the man-behind-the-camera Josh Holz would both qualify under that mantle.

Their appearance in the video comes towards the end and is brief enough that we can take Daniel and Josh's "15 seconds of fame" literally here. Josh and Daniel, who is noticeably not back at it again with white vans or any shoes for that matter, run on screen to grab a picture with Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. A Snapchat video of Daniel and Cuomo follows with a voiceover of Holz saying, "Damn, Rivers, back at it again with the Ray-Bans."

If this is the peak of Damn, Daniel, I'd venture to say it was totally worth it for them. As someone who was also once an emo teenager growing up in California, I would have stopped crying to Blink 182 albums for days if this opportunity came my way.

Watch the music video below.