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Crucial Update

The Second Photo of Saint West Is Even Cuter Than the First

Photo: Kim Kardashian/Twitter

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Kim Kardashian West has graciously provided us with another picture of her three-month-old son, Saint West, and, wow, we are impressed. Let's clap it up for this baby because he is a top-notch, very cute baby.

Kardashian posted it along with the caption, "You're the sun in my morning babe." And the picture accomplishes the impossible by being (maybe? probably?) cuter than the first photo of Saint. We didn't think it could be done, but Saint just raised the bar on baby cuteness that he set just a couple weeks ago. This is really a one-baby race, folks.

But we leave it up to you to decide: which picture of Saint makes you melt into a puddle of gurgling baby noises faster, the first or second? Make your voice heard here.