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7 New Reasons to Love Abbi and Ilana

Desiree Navarro/WireImage

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Please excuse the squee, but Broad City geniuses Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer confirmed, and significantly deepened, my adoration for them today and I would like to share the why and how of that. The girls were live in conversation with Marie Claire editor in chief Anne Fulenwider at South by Southwest this morning, queried on work process, their relationship, shopping habits, Broad City costuming, and breakfast preferences. Below, seven highlights.


The biggest piece of true news from the talk was the reveal that Hillary Clinton will be on this Wednesday's episode of Broad City.


Also, both Ilana's mom and Abbi's mom will be on the show.


"I like for it to be kind of bad," Abbi said. "A lot of it is my fucking clothes, but from when i was, like, 22," she says. "Stuff that's like, 'I can't believe I wore that for so long,'" Ilana adds.

Shopping Habits

"What are the last three things on your credit card statement?"


  • A coffee from around the corner
  • Humidifier ("I'm afraid to go in to Bed Bath and Beyond. I bought it on Amazon." Iliana: "Millennial alert.")
  • "A ton of makers. I splurged. It was disgusting. Like three hundred bucks of markers."


  • "I got this," Ilana said, pulling on her white dress, "for you guys"
  • Rubber ice cube trays (via Amazon)
  • "Nut bars at the airport"


Anne asked the girls how they made their first dollar, and Abbi relayed a story of buying football-themed pencils in bulk from her elementary school's store. She set up a stand next to her mom's pottery booth at a fair. "I was cute, so people bought the pencils."

Ilana's first job was as a waitress when she was 14. "I was good"

Puff Puff Pass

Ilana says she smokes every day. "But I'm very productive."

Abbi: "I probably reached peak-smoke in high school. I am not very productive."


Their shared favorite breakfast food is bacon, egg, and cheese, any time of the day.